5.2.4. Control of operability of the lock

Fig. 5.14. Provisions of the lock of ignition

The ignition key establish in situation "B" ignition "in C" (fig. 5.14).
The lever of switching has to be switched off without hindrances from situation "P" (parking).
The ignition key can be taken out only in parking position of the lever of the choice of transfers.
Transfer the lever of switching to situation "P".
The lock of ignition has to work without jammings.
When finding the ignition key in situation "A" ignition "выкл". the lever of gear shifting should not find a way out "P". The ignition key can be taken.
Attach the plug on the reading-out coil and the switch of starter / ignition.
Install the switch on a steering column.
Establish a switch upholstery on a steering column.
Establish a steering wheel with a safety cushion.
Install the lever of adjustment of a steering column
Establish a safety cushion from the driver.