6.1.10. Pumping of the brake system

Do not allow mixing of brake fluid with the liquids containing mineral oils (oil, gasoline, cleaners) at all. Mineral oils do harm to traffic jams and cuffs of the brake system.

Brake fluid is toxic agent therefore it cannot be pumped out a mouth through a hose at all. Besides, because of the corroding action, its hit on a paint and varnish covering is not allowed.
Brake fluid is hygroscopic – it absorbs moisture from air. Storage of brake fluid is allowed only in the closed capacities.

To use only new brake fluid on norms of the USA of FMVSS 116 DOT 4.
The original VW/Audi brake fluid meets this specification.

At detection of drops of brake fluid – wash away a large amount of water.
If the system is open, then it is not allowed to work with compressed air and to move the car.
During the finishing trial trip execute at least one braking in the mode of operation of anti-blocking system (ABS) (the brake pedal pulsation has to be notable).