6.1.11. Process of removal of air for cars with electronic system of maintenance of course stability (ESP)

For pumping of the hydraulic block it is necessary to create pressure not less than 2 bars. Therefore surely check control of pressure in the unit for pumping.
Insert the device for pressing of a pedal of a brake only in the course of installation works on the brake system then remove air.

Equipment set, the device for pumping out, the device for filling and pumping of the brake system
Pump over the brake system by means of a set of the equipment, the unit for pumping of the brake system or the unit for pumping of the brake system
Observe indications of the operation manual.
Connect the unit for pumping of the brake system.
Open unions for removal of air in the ordered sequence and remove air from a brake support (if necessary support by pressing of a pedal).

Sequence of pumping
1 – forward left brake support.
2 – forward right brake support.
3 – back left support.
4 – back right support.
Delete air to an exit of the brake fluid which is not containing vials of air and foam.
Close the union of removal of air.