6.2.3. Removal and installation of the sensor of pressure of the amplifier of the brake drive

Uncover the water taking away box.
Disconnect the electric socket the movement down.

Fig. 6.25. Screws of fastening of the electric socket

Unscrew screws (fig. 6.25).

Pressure sensor can also be заклипсован.
Fig. 6.26. Components of the vacuum pump: 1 – amplifier of the brake drive; 2 – vacuum line; 3 – hose clip; 4 – pressure sensor; 5 – backpressure valve

Disconnect the vacuum pump of brakes from the backpressure valve, as shown in the figure 6.26.
Take pressure sensor.

Installation is carried out in the return sequence.

Check of the backpressure valve
Air has to pass through the backpressure valve A

Fig. 6.27. Check of the backpressure valve

in the direction of an arrow (fig. 6.27).
In the opposite direction the valve has to remain closed.
You watch correctness of assembly situation.