6.3.5. Removal and installation of brake shoes

For removal of brake shoes do not remove a brake support.

Mark brake shoes if they are be reused. They have to be established back on the places, otherwise there will be an unevenness of distribution of brake efforts between wheels.
Lift the car.
Remove wheels.

For ceramic brakes sharp contact of a wheel with a brake disk as it leads to ineradicable damage of a disk is not allowed. For installation / dismantle of wheels screw in fastenings of wheel bolts two assembly pins from the onboard tool. At the same time the long assembly pin is in the most top situation.

Fig. 6.39. Fixing of a brake disk

Record a brake disk a wheel bolt (fig. 6.39).

Fig. 6.40. Socket of the index of wear of brake shoes

Disconnect the socket of the index of wear of brake shoes (fig. 6.40).

Fig. 6.41. Unblocking of fixing of the socket of the index of wear of brake shoes

Unblock fixing of the socket in an arm the screw-driver and at the same time turn the socket on 90 ° (fig. 6.41).
Take sockets up and remove a wire.

For removal of brake shoes do not remove a brake support.

Raise the screw-driver both springs from the directing finger and remove them.
Remove the screw of the directing finger.
Take the directing finger from a brake support.

The spring is in the compressed state and at extraction of the directing finger can cause a trauma.

Remove the holding spring.

Before removal of old brake shoes press the piston into the cylinder by means of the returnable device. Before cave-in pump out brake fluid from a tank with brake fluid by means of capacity for pumping. Otherwise, in case of the subsequent doliv of liquid, it can flow out and cause damages.

Take brake shoes from the case of a brake support.
For cleaning of the case of a brake support use only alcohol.

Insert brake shoes into a brake support.

The brake shoe with a cable of the indicator of wear is put inside.

Insert the holding spring into the case of a brake support.
To advance the directing finger through a brake support.

After installation of the directing finger it is necessary to press the holding spring under the directing finger so that it was compressed. At inadequate installation brake shoes do not hold the correct position, and it leads to the wrong action of brakes.

Twirl the screw with the required inhaling moment.

After replacement of brake shoes and before the first trip several times strongly press a brake pedal. It is necessary in order that brake shoes reached the working position.

Fix the socket of the index of wear and hang a wire on a dustproof cap and a cap.
Check the level of brake fluid, if necessary add.