6.3.6. Removal and installation of brake shoes (brake of back wheels of C38)

Fig. 6.42. Components of a back brake C38: 1 – brake disk; 2 – bolt, 75 N · m; 3 – a bracket holder with the directing fingers and a protective cap; 4 – bolt, 75 N · m; 5 – brake shoes; 6 – cover of a brake disk; 7 – flange bolt, 10 N · m; 8 – самоконтрящийся bolt, 35 N · m; 9 – case of a brake support; 10 – wheel bolts; 11 – TORX screw

Only full installation of a remkomplekt is necessary.

Mark brake shoes if they are reused. They have to be established back on the places, otherwise there will be an unevenness of distribution of brake efforts between wheels.

Lift the car.
Remove wheels.

Fig. 6.43. Untwisting of fixing screws of the case of a brake support

Turn off fixing screws of the case of a brake support, holding the directing fingers (fig. 6.43).
Remove brake shoes.


Fig. 6.44. Twisting of the piston

Twirl the piston, turning the special tool (fig. 6.44) to the right.

Put the special tool so that the fillet faced the piston.

Before installation of new brake shoes press the piston into the cylinder by means of the special tool. Before cave-in pump out brake fluid from a tank with brake fluid by means of capacity for pumping. Otherwise, in case of the subsequent doliv of liquid, it can flow out and cause damages.

Brake fluid is toxic agent therefore it cannot be pumped out a mouth through a hose at all.

Fig. 6.45. Installation of brake shoes

Insert brake shoes (fig. 6.45).
Fix the case of a brake support new самоконтрящимися by bolts.
Fasten the case of a brake support, 35 N · m (fig. 6.43).

In repair set there are four самоконтрящихся six-sided a bolt which it is necessary establish.
After each replacement of brake shoes several times strongly press a brake pedal. It is necessary in order that brake shoes reached the working position.
Check the level of brake fluid, if necessary add.