6.3.7. Brake of back wheels of RS4 (TIP 8ES)/S43

Fig. 6.46. Brake of back wheels of RS4 (TIP 8ES)/S43: 1 – the screw with an internal hexagon with the balance weight, самоконтрящийся, 35 N · m; 2 – six-sided bolt, самоконтрящийся, 35 N · m; 3 – case of a brake support; 4 – brake shoes; 5 – block spring clamp; 6 – wheel bolts; 7 – TORX screw; 8 – brake disk; 9 – a bolt with an internal hexagon, 75 N · m; 10 – a bracket holder with the directing fingers and a protective cap; 11 – hollow screw of 45 N · m; 12 – the brake pipeline with the ring union; 13 – consolidations

For pumping of brake fluid from a broad tank use capacity for pumping out which adjoins only to brake fluid. Brake fluid is toxic agent therefore it cannot be pumped out a mouth through a hose at all.
An inspection of brakes can be carried out at all standard test benches for brakes provided that the driving speed of both driving rollers of the test bench will be not higher than 5,5 miles/h.