6.4.1. Instructions on carrying out repair work with anti-blocking system

Generally anti-blocking system does not demand servicing.
Works on check, installation and repair are allowed to be carried out to only specially trained personnel.
Ignoring of points specified in the repair manual can lead to damage of system and decrease in safety when driving.

Before carrying out repair work on anti-blocking system it is necessary to establish the reason of its damage by means of self-diagnostics function.
At installation of the new hydraulic control unit it is necessary to check its code.
Before installation works switch off ignition. For cars with the coded radio tape recorder define a protective code and disconnect a wire of connection with weight from the accumulator plug.
At the treatment of brake fluid it is necessary to follow the existing safety regulations and instructions.
When carrying out any works demanding opening of hydraulic system it is necessary to remove air from the brake system (for example with or V.A.S 5234). Besides, in the brake system it is necessary to execute check with a high and low pressure.
At a final trial trip be convinced that at least the braking regulated by ABS was once executed (the pulsation on a brake pedal has to be felt).
During the work with anti-blocking system respect for the maximum purity is required. Use of the supportive applications containing mineral oils, for example oils, jellied lubricants, etc. is inadmissible.
Places of connections and space around them should be cleared carefully before a detachment, not to use aggressive cleaners, for example, cleaner for brakes, gasoline, thinners and similar means.
Lay the removed details on a pure surface and cover.
If repair of the removed details does not be carried out immediately, they should be covered or put carefully in the place preventing them pollution (use a repair set of caps 1 H0 698 311 A).
Do not use the rags leaving fibers.
Spare parts should be taken out from packing just before installation.
Use details only in original packing.
If the system is open, then it is not allowed to work with compressed air and to move the car.
You watch that brake fluid did not get to sockets.