6.4.10. Removal and installation of the switch of stoplights

For control the switch of a stoplight needs to be removed.
That provide the sufficient durability of landing, the switch is allowed to be mounted only once.

Disconnect the socket.
Remove the switch of a signal of braking by turn on 45 ° to the left.

Installation happens upside-down, at the same time it is necessary pay attention to the following items.
Completely take a braking signal switch pusher.

Fig. 6.90. Stoplight switch

Insert the switch the fixing ledges 1 and 2 into the provided dredging in an assembly opening (fig. 6.90).
Remove a compartment, the party of the driver.

At installation actuating of a pedal of a brake is not allowed.

During input of the brake switch adjustment of a pusher is carried out automatically.

Fig. 6.91. Installation of the switch of a stoplight

Enter the switch into an assembly opening, press a pedal and fix by turn on 45 ° (fig. 6.91) to the right.
After setup of the switch of a stoplight check whether the brake pedal rests against a trailer emphasis (free situation).