6.4.11. Removal and installation of the sensor of cross accelerations and the sensor of rotation around a vertical axis

The ESP sensor is in the central console under an ashtray.
The socket of the ESP sensor is behind a big cable plait

Fig. 6.92. ESP sensor plug

Disconnect the plug of the ESP sensor (fig. 6.92).

Fig. 6.93. The cap-type nuts

Turn off the cap-type nuts 2 (2 pieces) (fig. 6.93).
Moment of an inhaling of nuts of 10 N · m.

Further assembly is carried out in the return sequence.
Establish continuation of the central console.
The sensor of cross acceleration is susceptible to strong vibrations.
If the sensor fell to a floor, then serviceability of its work is not provided any more. Further use of the sensor is not allowed.