7.2.11. Voltage measurement under loading

When checking the accumulator under loading process of start is feigned at a low temperature. When checking in a chain big current proceeds, at the same time undervoltage, depending on accumulator capacity, only to the accumulator of the minimum value set by a tester is allowed.
If the accumulator is faulty or charged poorly, then tension of the accumulator will fall very quickly below the set minimum tension.
If tension falls below the minimum value, then the accumulator is subject to replacement.
After the executed check this low value of tension remains during longer period; tension rises only slowly again.

Procedure for test
Disconnect a weight wire from joint stock bank at the switched-off ignition.
Connect clips of plugs of a tester of the accumulator to accumulator poles.
Clips have to have good contact with an accumulator pole.
Establish loading current on an accumulator tester.

Current of loading is established depending on current of cold scrolling of the accumulator (it is specified on the accumulator case).

Carry out an inspection of the accumulator under loading.
The result of check is displayed approximately through 20 pages on listing.