7.2.14. Bystry accumulator charging

At bystry charging it is not allowed to hold the accumulator connected to onboard network. Disconnect a wire of weight and a positive wire.
Bystry charging of deeply discharged accumulators is not allowed.

Accumulator traffic jams at charging, voltage measurement and measurement of current of loading have to be always densely twirled.

Provide good ventilation.
In rooms in which accumulator charging is made there should not be sources of direct light, and these rooms should not be used for smoking. It is connected with the fact that in the course of charging flammable gas is emitted.
Observe instructions according to safety measures of manufacturers of chargers and accumulators.

Temperature of the rechargeable battery has to be not below 10 °C.
The accumulator has to be charged quickly only in exceptional cases (for example, for start-up simplification), at bystry charging it can sustain damage.