7.2.3. Shutdown and connection of the rechargeable battery in a luggage carrier

On cars with the Telematik system before shutdown of joint stock bank activate an operating mode of the Telematik control unit.
For the cars equipped with the radio tape recorder / radio navigational system with a protective code (only cars of other producers), consider a protective code, if necessary request it.

Switch off ignition and to pull out the ignition key.
Lift and fix a rug of a luggage compartment.
Disconnect a weight wire on the accumulator.


Fig. 7.4. - Installation of the plug of the rechargeable battery

At connection manually get a polar tip of a wire of weight on a negative pole of the - accumulator and tighten a nut (fig. 7.4).
If wires are connected to plugs of the accumulator repeatedly, it is necessary to execute the following events.

If the joint stock bank is connected repeatedly, it is necessary to take care of activating the devices which are included in the car package (the radio tape recorder, radio navigational system, hours, power windows) according to the operation manual.

Deactivate an operating mode of the Telematik control unit.
Check functioning of remote radio control, if necessary, synchronize a radio code. Tell the client that the second and additional codes need also to be synchronized to provide a remote radio communication.
After repeated connection of power supply the alarm lamp of ESP dies away only through several meters of the movement.

Inhaling moment
The accumulator plug to a polar conclusion: 7,5 N · m.