7.2.6. Check of reliability of fastening of joint stock bank

Check stirring reliability of fastening of the accumulator.
At unsteadily fixed by joint stock bank there are following dangers.
Smaller service life because of damages at vibration.
At the wrong fastening of the rechargeable battery there is a danger of damage of its trellised plates.
Damage of the case of the rechargeable battery as a result of friction about a fastening bracket (a possibility of leak of electrolyte that will become the reason of expensive repair).
Deterioration in passive safety at accident.

You watch that the hose of the gas outlet was fixed on joint stock bank.
In joint stock bank with a hose / pipe of the central gas outlet of joint stock bank you watch that the hose was not pressed. Only in this case gases will be able freely to be removed from the rechargeable battery.

Joint stock bank with the central gas outlet
Accumulators of the latest generation are equipped with the central gas outlet of joint stock bank and protection against the return ignition so-called "agglomeration".
The gas which is emitted at charging comes out on the central highway, through an opening in the top party of a cover. In the same place also the protection against the return ignition preventing ignition of the combustible gas which is in the accumulator is established. Protection against the return ignition consists of a small round fiber glass mat with a diameter about 15 mm and 2 mm thick. It works as the valve, i.e. allows to leave to the gas which is formed in the accumulator.