7.2.7. Accumulators with "a magic eye"

Fig. 7.12. "A magic eye" of joint stock bank

"A magic eye" gives the chance of obtaining information on the level of electrolyte and about the level of charging of the checked accumulator (fig. 7.12).
Three various color indications are possible.

It is necessary to consider that if the joint stock bank is more senior than 5 years and the color indicator of "a magic eye" is decoloured, then the accumulator should be replaced new.

At recharge of the accumulator, and also during movement under "a magic eye" vials of air can be formed. They distort indications of the color indicator of "a magic eye".

Procedure for test
If accumulators are for technical reasons equipped with traffic jams, then these traffic jams are stuck with a polymeric film.
Before carrying out control survey it is necessary to knock slightly and carefully the screw-driver handle on "a magic eye" – at the same time vials of air disappear.
Consider indications of the color indicator of "a magic eye".

Control survey of the rechargeable battery
Before carrying out measurements, for example, tension of current of rest, density of electrolyte or check of the accumulator under loading, it is necessary to perform control inspection of the accumulator.
If the case of the accumulator is damaged – because of damage of the case possibly an electrolyte effluence.
If polar conclusions of the accumulator (conclusions of joint stock bank) are damaged – because of damage of polar conclusions of the accumulator the contact of connections of cables is not provided. Thereof there can be an ignition of a cable and occur failure in electric equipment.
If its original traffic jams are twisted in the accumulator – traffic jams have to be supplied with a sealing ring. At loss or damage it is allowed to use only original traffic jams of the same design.