7.2.8. Rest voltage measurement

Initial conditions for check
Provide implementation of the following instructions as otherwise correctness of measurement is not guaranteed.

If voltage measurement of rest is performed on the accumulator installed in the car, then the wire of weight has to be surely disconnected.
At least, within 2 hours before measurement consumers should not be connected to the accumulator.
Accumulator charging has to be stopped, at least, for 2 h before measurement.

Operating procedure
Switch off ignition and pull out the ignition key.

On cars with the Telematik system before shutdown of joint stock bank activate an operating mode of the Telematik control unit.
For the cars equipped with the radio tape recorder / radio navigational system with a protective code (only cars of other producers), consider a protective code, if necessary request it.

Disconnect a weight wire from joint stock bank at the switched-off ignition.
To measure tension between polar plugs.
If the measuring device shows 12,5 B or more, then the accumulator as it should be.
Tension of rest of the accumulator on one timepoint should not be less than 12,5 In, otherwise it is necessary to recharge the accumulator immediately.
Repeatedly measure tension between polar plugs.
Tension of rest of the accumulator should not be less than 12,5 In
If tension of rest is lower than norm, replace the accumulator.
Establish in the return sequence.
Connect the accumulator.