7.3.2. Cars with the 6-cylinder engine of 2,4 l

Disconnect a weight wire in the accumulator at the switched-off ignition.
Uncover a motor compartment.

Fig. 7.27. The right safety cover in a motor compartment

Uncover 1 on the right in a motor compartment (fig. 7.27).
Unscrew screws (shooters).

Fig. 7.28. Removal of an air duct

Remove the electromagnetic valve of 1 absorber 1 from an air duct (fig. 7.28).
Remove an air duct of 2 (fig. 7.28).

Fig. 7.29. A pipe hose for secondary air

Disconnect a hose of a connecting pipe for secondary air (fig. 7.29).

Before removal of a poliklinovy belt note the direction of its movement by chalk or a felt-tip pen. The movement in the opposite direction of the belt which was already in the use can lead to its gap.

Fig. 7.30. Weakening of a tension of a poliklinovy belt

For weakening of a tension of a poliklinovy belt turn the tension device on an arrow a wrench of SW 17 (fig. 7.30).
Stop the tension device, having inserted a clamp in intended for fixing of an opening (arrow).
Take off poliklinovy a belt.
In cars with an autonomous heater unscrew screws of an exhaust pipe of an autonomous heater and additional heater on the noise-insulating screen.

Fig. 7.18. Fastening of the forward noise-insulating screen

Release screws or quick disconnect clamps 1 and 2 and remove the forward noise-insulating screen (fig. 7.18).

Fig. 7.31. Plastic collar of the holder of a cable of a starter

Open a plastic collar (shooters), open the holder of a cable of a starter, pull out an electric cable (fig. 7.31).
Turn off the holder.

Cars with the automatic transmission

Fig. 7.32. Holder of the ATF pipeline

Remove the holder of the ATF pipeline for what turn off nuts of 1 and 2 (fig. 7.32).

All cars
Pull out the highway of coolant from the holder's clip-on earrings on the oil pallet.
Remove electric lines of the generator.

Fig. 7.33. Fastening of the generator

Unscrew bolts (shooters) and remove the generator (fig. 7.33).

Establish in the return sequence.

Fig. 7.34. Contour of a poliklinovy belt: 1 – generator; 2 - poliklinovy belt; 3 - pump of the hydraulic booster; 4 - air conditioning system compressor; 5 - bent shaft; 6 - tension roller

Pay attention to correctness of landing and the course of a poliklinovy belt (fig. 7.34).
Connect the accumulator.
Start the engine and check the belt course.

Inhaling moments
The generator to the engine:
– M8: 22 N · m;
– M10: 45 N · m.
The plug 30/B + to the generator: 16 N · m.
The holder of the highway of coolant to an oil bathtub: 10 N · m.
The holder of a cable of a starter to the engine console: 10 N · m.