7.4.2. Cars from 6 cylinders the petrol MPI engine of 2,4 l and MPI of 3,0 l

Disconnect a weight wire in the accumulator at the switched-off ignition.
Remove the right forward wheel.
Remove the generator.

Fig. 7.63. Heat-shielding screen of the right power shaft

Remove the heat-shielding screen of the right power shaft (arrow) (fig. 7.63).
Turn off a wire of the B+ 2 plug.
Disconnect the socket of the plug 50 1.

Fig. 7.64. Removal of a starter

Remove the heat-shielding screen 3 from the electromagnetic switch (fig. 7.64).
Unscrew screws of a starter (arrow), remove a starter.

Establish in the return sequence.

Inhaling moments
Starter to the engine: 45 N · m.
The B+ plug to a starter: 16 N · m.
The heat-shielding screen of a power shaft to the transmission: 23 N · m.