7.4.3. Cars with the 6-cylinder petrol FSI engine of 3,2 l

Disconnect a weight wire in the accumulator at the switched-off ignition.
Remove the right forward wheel.

Record a brake disk a wheel bolt.

In cars with an autonomous heater unscrew screws of an exhaust pipe of an autonomous heater and additional heater on the noise-insulating screen.

Fig. 7.18. Fastening of the forward noise-insulating screen

Release quick disconnect clamps 1–3 and remove forward and back noise-insulating screens (fig. 7.18).

Fig. 7.65. Heat-shielding screen of the right power shaft

Turn off the heat-shielding screen of the right power shaft (fig. 7.65).

Cars with the automatic transmission
Turn off the right power shaft from a transmission flange.

All cars

Fig. 7.66. Fastening of a starter

Remove electric cables 2 and 3 from a starter (fig. 7.66).
Unscrew screws 1 and 4 (fig. 7.66).

Cars with the automatic transmission
Take a starter from a wheel arch the movement back.

Cars with the mechanical transmission
Take a starter between a stretcher and the transmission.

All cars

For the best perception operation is shown at the removed engine support.

Establish in the return sequence.
Establish the right power shaft.
Connect the accumulator.

Inhaling moments
Starter to the transmission: 65 N · m.
The B+ plug to a starter: 16 N · m.
The heat-shielding screen of a power shaft to the transmission: 23 N · m.