7.5.15. Break of a wire with repair in two places

Release a wire which needs to be repaired in two places (about 20 cm in both parties from the appropriate place of repair).
If necessary remove a winding of a plait of conducting with a penknife.
Lay a yellow repair wire near the damaged wire and by means of pincers for cleaning of isolation cut off a repair wire of necessary length.
Vyrezhte the damaged wire piece.

Fig. 7.116. Cleaning of a wire

Smooth out 6–7 mm of isolation since the ends of a wire by means of pincers for cleaning of isolation (fig. 7.116).
Get a blooming sleeve on the one hand on the end of a wire in the car, on the other hand for the end of a repair wire.

Fig. 7.117. Pressure testing of a blooming sleeve

Pressure up a blooming sleeve blooming pincers with both ends of wires (fig. 7.117).
Repeat the same on other end of a repair wire.

Be convinced of use of a suitable tip for the used blooming sleeve.
Isolation of a wire cannot be pressured up.

After pressure testing a blooming sleeve it is necessary to seat not to allow hit of moisture in it.
Install a nozzle on the industrial hair dryer, 220 V / 50 Hz.

Fig. 7.118. Warming up of a blooming sleeve

Warm a blooming sleeve the hair dryer in the longitudinal direction from the middle to edges until it contracts completely and on the ends glue (fig. 7.118) acts.

At shrinkage of blooming connections you watch that a hot nozzle of the hair dryer do not damage other wires, plastic details or isolation.

Observe indications of the operation manual on the hair dryer.

In need of repair of several wires it is necessary to observe a certain distance between blooming sleeves. that in a grasp the plait of wires was not too thick after repair, establish blooming sleeves with some shift rather each other.
If initially repaired place was wound by an insulating tape, then after its repair follows wind with a yellow insulating tape.
The repaired plait of wires follows later if necessary fix by a collar for a coupler of wires to avoid foreign sounds when driving.