7.5.16. Repair of contacts in cases of sockets

At first if necessary open or unblock secondary fastening of the case of the socket.

Fig. 7.119. Contact unblocking

Unblock contact (primary fastening) a suitable master key (fig. 7.119).
Take contact from the socket case, having pulled for a separate wire.
Take a yellow repair wire with the necessary contact from set for repair of cables.
Release a wire which needs to be repaired (about 20 cm in both parties from the place of repair).
If necessary remove a winding of a plait of conducting with a penknife.

Fig. 7.120. Installation of new contact in the socket case

Insert new contact of a repair wire into the socket case to a zashchelkivaniye (fig. 7.120).
Get a wire sealant on a repair wire.

Smaller diameter of a sealant at the same time has to be to the nastorena of the case of the socket.

Insert a sealant by means of the suitable pomntazhny tool into the socket case.
Cut off a repair and separate wire in the car to necessary length pincers for isolation cleaning.

Fig. 7.116. Cleaning of a wire

Smooth out 6–7 mm of isolation since the ends of wires by means of pincers for cleaning of isolation (fig. 7.116).
Pressure up the smoothed-out ends of wires blooming pincers and a sleeve as it is described in the head "Break of a wire in one place".

In need of repair of several wires it is necessary to observe a certain distance between blooming sleeves. that in a grasp the plait of wires was not too thick after repair, establish blooming sleeves with some shift rather each other.

If initially repaired place was wound by an insulating tape, then after repair it should be wound with a yellow insulating tape.
The repaired plait of wires should be fixed later if necessary by a collar for a coupler of wires to avoid foreign sounds when driving.