7.5.17. Mechanical blocking of the case of the socket

Secondary fastening is a clamp of the case of the socket which fixes all wires in the socket case. If the case of the socket has secondary fastening, then before an unblocking and extraction of separate contacts it needs to be opened or remove by means of the special tool master key.
Secondary fastening is allocated on the socket case in other color. It facilitates recognition of secondary fastening and specifies the principle of its action.
The forms of cases of sockets represented here are not only in all their assortment, they only clearly demonstrate various principles of action of secondary fastenings.

Example 1

Fig. 7.121. Location of a comb

The clamp of the case needs to be unblocked, having removed "comb" (fig. 7.121).

Example 2

Fig. 7.122. Clamp unblocking

Having opened "uvula", it is possible to unblock a clamp of connection (fig. 7.122).

Example 3

Fig. 7.123. Location of a latch

The clamp of connection can be unblocked, having extended "latch" (fig. 7.123).