8.1.11. Removal and installation of a rear-view mirror of RS4


Fig. 8.20. Safety tape

Before dismantle of a rear-view mirror stick a door in a zone of a mirror and edge of the case of a mirror with an adhesive tape on a textile basis, as shown in the figure 8.20.

Fig. 8.21. Mirror glass removal

Razblokruyte mirror glass the assembly lever also disconnect shtekerny sockets of heating of a mirror and automatic shielding of a mirror (fig. 8.21).

Fig. 8.19. Fastening of the electric motor of a mirror

Turn off bolts (shooters) from adjusting knot of a mirror (fig. 8.19).
At installation tighten bolts the moment of 1 N · m.
Take out the electric motor 1 of adjusting knot and disconnect the shtekerny socket 2 (fig. 8.21).
Remove an overlay of a mirror from the inside of a door.
Turn off a mirror leg kombi-bolt.
Take out an external mirror from a door and put it on a door cloth.

Fig. 8.22. Clip bolts

Turn off bolts (shooters) of a clip (fig. 8.22).

To turn off the lower bolt, enter a face key through an opening of the central bolt of a leg of a mirror.

Fig. 8.23. Extraction of a clip

Take out a clip 1 of an opening in a leg of a mirror (fig. 8.23).
Slightly fix a mirror leg by the central bolt to a door.

Fig. 8.24. Otvorachivaniye of mirror arm bolts

Turn off bolts (4 pieces) from an arm of a mirror (fig. 8.24).

Fig. 8.25. Extraction of a set of wires from a mirror arm

Take out a set of wires 2 with plugs from an arm of a mirror of 1 (fig. 8.25).
Take out an arm of a mirror 1 of the case 2.

Fig. 8.26. Extraction of a set of wires from the mirror case

Take out a set of wires 1so plugs from the case of a mirror of 2 (fig. 8.26).
Take out a clip from the mirror case.

Fig. 8.27. Extraction of a clip

For simplification of installation of a sealant if necessary to use soap lye.

At installation of a mirror on a door carry out consolidation 1 by means of an assembly wedge over a leg of a mirror 2.