8.1.15. Removal and installation of a gas emphasis (starting with identification number of the car 400 001)


Fig. 8.31. Components of a gas emphasis of a cowl (starting with identification number of the car-Nr. 400 001): 1 – cowl; 2 – loop of a floor of a luggage compartment; 3 – kombi-screw of 21 N · m; 4–21 N · m; 5 – gas emphasis

For dismantle of a loop of a floor of a luggage compartment it is necessary to remove a cowl 1 or to establish it on a reliable support and to turn off bolts 3 and nuts of 4 (fig. 8.31).
Disconnect the pipeline of windscreen washer and a razblokruyta.
The assistant is necessary for support and removal of a cowl.
Remove a gas emphasis 5 from a cowl of 1 (fig. 8.31).
Turn off nuts 4.
Remove a cowl.

Installation is made in the return sequence.

The tube of a gas emphasis has to be established from a body.

Align a cowl 1 to the center between wings.
On height the cowl is regulated by means of the lock.