8.1.16. Removal and installation of a gas emphasis

Put a cowl on a support or fix in order to avoid falling.

Fig. 8.32. Unblocking of a gas emphasis of a cowl

Raise the holding springs on both ends of a gas emphasis by means of the screw-driver and a razblokruyta a gas emphasis (fig. 8.32) a little.
For installation establish a gas emphasis on a spherical pin and record.
The tube of a gas emphasis is established on a body.

Production of gas from a gas emphasis
Clamp a gas emphasis in the mm zone x=50 in a vice.

Fig. 8.33. Sohn Sazhatija of a gas emphasis

Zazhatiye is allowed to be made only in the field of specified in the figure 8.33, otherwise there is a danger of accident

Cover a zone under the place of cutting with a rag for collecting splashes of oil.

During cutting surely use goggles.

Make an incision the cylinder of a gas emphasis in the first third of all length of the cylinder, considering from edge on the party of a rod.