8.1.17. Adjustment on height of buffers

Fig. 8.34. Adjusting buffers of a cowl

Buffers 1 and 2 at the closed cowl have to adjoin to a frame of a radiator (fig. 8.34) slightly.

Starting with identification number of the car 400 001
Shock-proof protection of 1 cowl has to be established.

Fig. 8.35. Adjustment of a cowl

Screw at installation the buffer 3 adjustments on height in a cowl against the stop (fig. 8.35).
Adjusting on height, turn out until the contour does not coincide with a wing.
After installation buffers have to adjoin to a radiator frame.
Buffers 2 protection against punching have to be installed (fig. 8.35).

Buffers can be used at adjustment of a cowl on height.