8.1.27. Adjustment of a cover of a luggage compartment

Before adjustment of a new cover establish a gas emphasis.

Remove a cover covering.

Fig. 8.51. Bracket of the lock of a cover of a luggage compartment

Weaken combined a nut 1 and 3, the bracket of the lock 2 has to have a possibility of movement (fig. 8.51).

At installation of a bracket of the lock pay attention to its installation site, a ledge (shooter) back.

Fig. 8.52. Facing blocking

Block facing of 1 adjustable buffer of a cover of a luggage compartment (fig. 8.52).
2 turn a tension bolt to the left in situation "0" (fig. 8.52).
By hand tighten nuts 1 and 3.
Close a cover of a luggage compartment (fig. 8.51).
Press a cover manually to a body approximately on 2 mm.
Open a cover in this situation and tighten nuts the 1 and 3 moment of 21 N · m.
Check, it is how easy and without gap the cover is closed on the lock. If necessary repeat adjustment.
Having pressed a side edge of a door of a luggage compartment under back glass, be convinced of lack of a gap.
Pull if necessary the adjustable buffer, having turned a tension bolt of 2 (fig. 8.52) to the right.
Check ease of closing of a cover, if necessary repeat adjustment.
Check the adjusting sizes.