8.1.5. Replacement of side protective levels

Protective levels cannot be removed without damage.

Fig. 8.14. Removal of protective levels

For removal of a protective level 1 and 2 heat by means of the hair dryer and remove from a door (fig. 8.14).
On the surface of glue connection there should not be a dust and oil.
Clear an external covering flushing gasoline, then process a silicone eliminator, and at the end wipe dry.
It is allowed to paste protective levels only at the room temperature.
For this purpose, not less than in two hours prior to processing, bring temperature of the car and protective levels to room.
After removal of a protective film the level needs to be pasted within 90 min.
Remove a protective film 3 from a bilateral adhesive tape 4 just before installation (fig. 8.14).
Establish the pasted protective level ahead and paste in the direction back.
Heat a protective level by means of the hair dryer approximately to 40 °C of C and strongly press or a prikatayta a roller.
After gluing of a slip the car has to be at the room temperature during 4 h.