8.1.8. Removal and installation of a rear-view mirror

The case of a mirror is removed from a door without dismantle of a mirror assembled.

For replacement it is necessary to remove a window frame.
Before removal dismantle a rear-view mirror from a door.

Fig. 8.17. Components of a rear-view mirror: 1 – mirror case; 2 – executive engine; 3 – adjusting knot of a mirror; 4 – mirror glass; 5 – forward door; 6 – shtekerny socket; 7 – kombi-bolt of 12 N · m; 8 – consolidation; 9 – mirror leg

For removal hook the lever mirror glass, remove electric sockets of heating of a mirror, turn off bolts with crosswise shliyets 6 and take out adjusting knot of a mirror from the case of a mirror of 1 (fig. 8.17).
For an unblocking of a mirror use the special tool 80-200 (the assembly lever).
Protect top and lower speak rapidly mirror cases by means of an adhesive tape on a textile basis.

For installation insert glass into the directing pin and press, and insert a cam and press into a frictional spring.
Press only in the center of glass, surely using at the same time protective gloves.

At installation you watch correctness of landing of consolidation.