8.2.9. Removal and installation of a wind-shelter guard of the hatch of a roof

Fig. 8.71. Roof hatch: 1 – kombi-screw (T 25) of 3 N · m; 2 – hatch panel engine; 3 – frame; 4 – fairing; 5 – rotary spring of a fairing

Completely open the hatch.

Fig. 8.72. Expression of a wind-shelter guard

Squeeze out a wind-shelter guard 2 in the direction of an arrow from the holder of 3 (fig. 8.72).
Pull out a guard from a roof section down.

3 lay a spring around fixing teeth of a fairing 2.

Fig. 8.73. Laying of a spring

Besides, enclose a spring in a flute of a guard (fig. 8.73).

For descriptive reasons the holder 1 is represented in the removed look.

Advance an emphasis of 1 guard 2 under a section of a roof (fig. 8.72).
Insert teeth of a wind-shelter guard in the holder 3.
On the opposite side slightly press a guard to the center of the car and record the second tooth in the holder.